Silicon Mountain Allio HDTV gets built-in PC and Blu-ray player


Most people love the convenience of convergence devices these days – for an everyday example, just take out your cell phone. Chances are it doubles up as your secondary digital camera and iPod, since it comes with both music playback capability and a pretty decent lens to capture impromptu moments. As for HDTVs, well, these are still pretty exclusive in terms of functionality although Silicon Mountain Holdings, Inc. hopes to change things by unveiling both a 32″ and 42″ High Definition LCD TV that not only features an integrated Blu-ray/DVD combo player, it also has a full fledged PC running within. Talk about being high powered!

The Allio HDTV/PC can safely claim to be the first product of its kind in North America (who knows, maybe even the world?), where the flagship 42″ model comes with a built-in PVR to help you record all your favorite shows that you cannot afford to miss. Powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 processor, the rest of the specifications are equally beefy to help out in its multimedia intensive tasks, including 4GB RAM, a 1TB hard drive to store countless hours of video, as well as the 64-bit version of Windows Vista Home Premium to help you get started. The Allio will not only come with analog and digital audio-video inputs found in most HDTVs, it even boasts wireless and wired networking capabilities with a handful of USB 2.0 ports that will further extend the experience to other computers and peripherals in your abode.

Instead of getting two TVs, the Allio’s picture-in-picture and split-screen capabilities enables multiple sources of content to operate simultaneously on a single large screen, so you can continue watching your game on the big screen while your other half catches up on her drama series. Depending on system configuration and screen size, prices start from $1,599.99 upwards, which is pretty darn reasonable considering the sheer amount of entertainment options you have at your fingertips.

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DougM Says: October 4, 2010 at 2:27 pm

Ok lets get something straight, the smallest pc is one that doesnt exsist, or almost doesnt exsist, im not talking about remote terminal or loggin into a server. im talking about all the components built into the keyboard or monitor. of course imac as done this already and many pc manf. have also done it. but take a look at this… bring back memories? hook it up to your lcd, use it as a POint of sale machine or time clock. I want a wireless cga adapter so i can use it as amobile media center or for my projector. so many uses when configured into a keyboard.

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