Cables Unlimited announce Wireless USB Adapter Set


Cables Unlimited has recently announced the availability of its Wireless USB Adapter Set, which is obviously known as the Cables Unlimited Wireless USB Adapter Set. Inside, you will find Wisair’s single-chip, offering users with the option to enable USB devices to work in tandem with Wireless USB. The kit can be purchased via multiple online retailers such as,,,, and retailers Fry’s Electronics and CompUSA among others. Nice to know that even USB connectivity is taking the wireless route, although the reliability and speed might not be as consistent as that of a wired connection. With so many wireless standard being bandied around, hopefully our myriad of devices won’t get too confused. I’m all in favor of anything that does away with cables – what about you?

This new adapter set comprise of a pair of Wireless USB dongles, where one is meant to connect to the notebook or PC, while the other is attached to a device. As for the device-side adapter, this allows you to easily move current USB peripherals including an external hard drive, printers, digital still cameras, camcorder cradles, and CD/DVD writers up to thirty feet away. Imagine having a whole cupboard that houses your bunch of USB devices, all communicating with your notebook or PC wirelessly! One main drawback that I can see from this – many USB devices do require some sort of external power supply to function, such as portable hard drives, so making it wireless will be impossible unless you have a power adapter connected, which means your device is still tethered in some way or another.

You can even turn your current USB hub into a wireless version simply by attaching the device side connector to it. You can pick up the Cables Unlimited Wireless USB Adapter Set for anywhere from $79 to $99, depending on which retailer you look to.

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