22” iZ3D Monitors custom painted with 3D graphics

by Ally

If you’re a big PC gamer, your monitors are likely one of the components you try to splurge a bit on.  Usually that just means a larger and higher quality monitor, however, iZ3D has decided to put a new spin on gaming monitors.  These bad boys actually make your games 3D, just put on their 3D glasses and you will be able to see your games in a new way.  It is a bit disappointing that you’d have to wear your glasses the entire time you’re gaming, but it might be worth it.  It also helps that they have a wide range of glasses for less than ten dollars that actually don’t look too bad.

They have a list going of all the games that will work with the 3D graphics and 80 have made it onto the list.  With big games included like WoW and Call of Duty, as well as the oddball and less intense games like Lego Star Wars.  If you’re seriously considering the switch, you can check out the full list on their website.  The monitors also are painted with some very cool designs and not for a bad price either.  The 22” monitors with the painted design will cost you $739.

Source: GamerFront

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