GaitAid Virtual Walker to treat Multiple Sclerosis patients


Multiple Sclerosis patients have suffered long enough from a meandering or unsteady gait, no thanks to the effects of their disease. Good thing advancements in technology help to combat this debilitating disease, with the GaitAid Virtual Walker being one of the products to be released on the market that will help patients obtain a higher quality of living. The GaitAid Virtual Walker relies on concepts discovered that help helicopter pilots navigate safely around tall objects. This highly sophisticated device shares roughly the same dimensions as that of a cell phone, and must work in tandem with a set of highly advanced eyeglasses. In addition to Multiple Sclerosis patients, GaitAid Virtual Walker is also touted to help others suffering from movement disorders, helping them regain their stability while walking.

What does the GaitAid Virtual Walker do to help people regain their mobility? Well, it merges proven visual aids and audio feedback in a process known as neuroplasticity, which basically rewires the patient’s brain by creating new healthy circuits to bypass disease-damaged areas. It is interesting to note that Multiple Sclerosis patients who have used the GaitAid Virtual Walker to obtain more productive and safer lives in an effective, safe and non-pharmacological method. I continue to wonder at the success rate of such a device – will it work across all levels of Multiple Sclerosis sufferers, or will it be effective with just a select few?

To date, clinical studies have shown major improvements to walking speed and stride length in 70% to 85% of Multiple Sclerosis and other movement disorder patients. Some of the patients have even improved so drastically that they do not need the GaitAid Virtual Walker any longer, only getting back to it once in a while to maintain their improvement. No idea on how much it will cost though, but there is no harm in giving it a go after you have tried everything else to no avail.

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