Wooden Mouse from Actbrise Electronics

by Mark R

So what is this sphere that we see here, some new ball for croquet? No, what you are seeing here is a mouse for the computer, and yes, it is made of wood.

This is the Jupiter Mouse, created by a company called Actbrise Electronics. You can clearly see the four buttons on the mouse, and it is not exactly designed to roll around on the side of the desk.

I have included a YouTube video so you can see it in action. The Jupiter mouse works on a gesture-based motion. Essentially, you roll it in a certain direction, and the cursor moves. As you can see on the video, the ball-shaped mouse comes in handy for 3-D graphics.

The Jupiter mouse is made from wood from a Chinese flowering ash tree. I’m not certain if other types of wood could be used to make wooden mice, but I’m not certain if it would create a greener world if it could. Sure, mice made of plastic don’t exactly help the environment, but I could see entire forests being leveled for the sake of some wooden mice.

Of course, this Jupiter Mouse is somewhat expensive at about $232. For a price like that, I’m just going to spend under $30 for a plastic one.


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