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Smart Start, Inc. from Irving has recently rolled out the new Photo Identification Ignition Interlock device that could potentially help save lives on the road. What does it do exactly? Well, this device uses patented technology which remembers photographs of the interlock user and associating it with an ignition interlock device. This device is smart enough to know who is actually taking the breath test, and is almost 100% foolproof since it works on each and every test, including attempted tests. Just to get a better idea of how secure and effective it is, Texas Judges have required 250 offenders to install the Photo-ID interlock device as an additional sanction on the SSI 20/20 Interlock device since September 1st this year.

According to Lamar Ball, CEO of Smart Start, “Drunk driving is preventable; we are committed to saving lives and making our roadways safe. Assisting in the prevention of the needless incidence of drunk driving is our mission, and research shows interlocks are a proven tool in reducing DWI recidivism.”

This futuristic tool is a commitment by SSI to display their ongoing commitment when it comes to helping authorities monitor interlock offenders. This technology has proven itself to be a major step forward for ignition interlock technology, and it will provide answers to the million dollar question: “How do I know who took the interlock test?” Guess there is no fooling technology, but what happens when one wears one of those masks found in the Mission Impossible series that match the exact photograph used? Will it be able to circumvent the safety system then?

The device can be found all over Texas, and SSI will be offering free installation from now until January next year, so might as well take advantage of this three-month window period to take full advantage of the situation.

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