The Shower Genius Waterproof Notepad

by Ally

You can’t always control when your best ideas come out.  Sometimes they happen in the middle of the night, which for most means it’s going to be a sleepless night.  Other times they happen at moments it’s seemingly impossible to jot a note before it slips from your mind.  One of those times could easily be the shower, yes you’re only in there for a short while but you could forget by the time you’re out.  If you had this waterproof pad in your shower you’d never forget one of your ideas again.

Just place the pad into its holster and mount the holster to the wall of your shower or anywhere else that might get damp that you might need to take notes.  Also, placed low enough it’d probably be good to keep kids entertained and maybe they won’t fight taking a bath quite as much.  The set not only comes with the convenient holster, but three refill pads.  On those pads you can use any standard writing pen or pencil.  It doesn’t say if others work like a permanent marker, but theoretically it should work.  To pick one up it will cost you $14.99 from Think Geek.

Source: EB29.99

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