The Solar Powered LED Reading Light

by Ally

If you’ve ever had to discreetly read your book at night, then likely you’re no stranger to the variety of reading lights available.  The type that clip to your book are helpful, but you still have to shift them a great deal to keep the area you’re reading illuminated.  Well although this little light wouldn’t clip to your book, it’d make a convenient light.  With it being solar powered you’d never have to worry about searching for batteries at two in the morning.

However, you won’t be able to keep it tucked inside a bedside table.  It’d have to be out in the open where it can charge fully.  It also could be attached to your keychain for another purpose besides sneaking in a midnight read.  The flashlight comes in blue, green or red.  It has two LED lights which should be enough for smaller tasks.  The flashlight will cost you $5.99 from Gizfever.  If you’re interested in a slightly more powerful version, Gizfever also has a slightly larger solar powered flashlight keychain with three LEDs instead of two.

Source: GadgetVenue

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