The iDive 300 keeps your music going underwater

by Ally

For most of us water activities are one of those things that will soon or already have become far too cold to enjoy.  However, there are those lucky few that can enjoy them year round.  Well out of those, the ones that enjoy scuba, free diving or snorkeling, might want to check out these waterproof over ear speakers.  Not only is it a set of speakers, but it is also a case that will fit your iPod and keep it safe from the water.

The cases can fit several of the current and older iPods.  It will work underwater up to 300ft.  The speakers are designed to be tucked underneath a dive hood or to a mask strap.  The case also allows for you to see the screen if you’d like to watch movies while you’re underwater or preparing to be.  It will cost you quite a bit though.  The set is being sold for a whopping $349.99.  If you’re willing to spend the money for that, you might spend the extra cash to get this bag to protect the rest of your tech toys just in case you knock them into the water.

Source: Ubergizmo

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