The Penguin Squeeze LED Torch Light

by Ally

Lesson of the day, squeeze a penguin enough times and it will shoot light out of it’s head. Although, you have to squeeze the wing, not just the full body, that’s an important part. PETA should totally go after these retailers and buyers, they were only thinking about squeezing a penguin to death. It promotes animal abuse or something like that. Well if you’d like to promote penguin abuse, this cool little torch doesn’t ever need new batteries. Which means that in the event of the power going out you won’t be holding up a candle looking for new batteries.

Just squeeze the wing that pops out as I said before and it will charge the light back up again. If you squeeze the wing for about one minute, it can then in turn shine for five. The LED light also has a wrist strap to make sure you don’t end up dropping it and breaking it, in case you are a bit clumsy. It is actually pretty cheap, it’s being sold for £4.95 or about $9 from Natural Collection.

Source: BabyGadget

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