Nikon Media Port UP puts TV on your eye

by Mark R

Oh no, not another one of these video headsets that still have yet to catch on. This particular one that you see here is from camera giant Nikon and called the Media Port UP.

Most of these video headsets that we have reported on, like the myvu, are usually designed to take video files off of the iPod and make them a private experience for the viewer. I’ve got to give kudos to the Media Port UP because it is WiFi ready, and allows the user to view files with the Windows Media Player.

So, are we looking at the next stage of mobile computing? No more laptops or netbooks, but surf the web while you’re walking around. Well, it does have a capacity of 4GB to 8GB.

Other specs include 120 minutes of playback time for video, and 270 minutes of playback time for music. The Media Port UP is even designed with some hands-free operation. So when a user moves his or her head, it somehow affects the playing.

Not bad, but does it have to be so ugly? I mean, look at the lady in this picture. I feel like she should be telling me “Resistance is Futile”. Would it have been even more freaky if they designed it to view with two eyes. Right now, you should be able it at the Up Store for about $580.


4 reviews or comments Says: October 7, 2008 at 11:34 am

heh, looks like a nice base for a borg costume.

still, i could find myself playing around with that, as an alternative to a large computer screen.

Al Says: October 7, 2008 at 2:20 pm Well spotted

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