Samsung’s two new phones have dual screens

by Mark R

Cellular phones with two screens aren’t really new. The LG Voyager sports a touch screen on the inside and unfolds horizontally for another non-touchscreen with a QWERTY keyboard.

According to my source, Samsung has recently unveiled “the very first dual 2.2 inch screen cellular phones”, the SCH-W570 and SPH-W5700. I believe that I already mentioned the LG Voyager, which I’m guessing is not a dual 2.2 inch screen cellular phone. I’m wondering if Samsung is using some interesting wording here so they company can say they have the first of something. Something that actually exists already.

The purpose of the dual screens is to replace the traditional OLED on front. The external face will allow access to music videos, mail, plus any and all data stored on the cellular phone. Of course, having two screens will drain the battery life a little more, which is the reason why many cellular phones have an OLED on the front in the first place.

These two phones are clamshell in design, and, when flipped open, will display a cellular phone user interface. Three is apparently a magic number with the SCH-W570 and SPH-W5700. These two phones are equipped with 3 Megapixel cameras, and are 3G compatible.

Since the SCH-W570 and SPH-W5700 have only just been unveiled, they are not on the market as yet, but will be very soon.


2 reviews or comments Says: October 4, 2008 at 7:25 am

i looked into it, and it appear that these are variants on the sgh-g400, but for the cdma2k network (and one i cant id, samsung uses sgh for gsm/umts phones, sch for cmda2k, but i cant recall seeing sph before).

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