Nokia headset competition brings out the odd

by Ally

If you’re tired of having the same old boring headphones, then you’ll love the new Nokia contest going on.  They’ve decided to have a contest where designers enter cool headsets that definitely are outside of the box.  Which means you get to check out all of the bizarre, but fun designs.  Some are very cool but when you consider that Nokia will be creating some of them, they just seem a bit over the top.  Like the odd set of headphones shown here.  Yes, I agree that they make for a pretty picture, but I’m not putting those on my head.

The top five designers will see their designs being created and sold.  The nice thing is that you get to vote on the designs, so if the over the top designs are too much for you just vote for the simpler designs and there are some of those too.  However, if you’re ready to see headphones take a more artistic plunge then of course you can lean towards the eccentric styles.  The contest just started and will actually run until the end of the year.  Anyone can enter and hopefully you’ll still be able to enter your odd designs if you’re up for the challenge.  You can check out the voting here.

Source: ShinyShiny

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