Visionman rolls out Widow gaming PC


Visionman Computers is a name more often associated with servers, but it does have a say in gaming systems and notebooks as well for a small number of users. This time round, Visionman Computers have released a line new water-cooled gaming systems known as the Widow gaming PC. I suppose Widow here has something to do with the Black Widow spider that is deadly and poisonous, although too much gaming could introduce some poison into your relationship with your spouse, leaving wives to be gaming widows (an upgrade from golf widows, perhaps?). Bad jokes aside, read on after the jump for more skinny on the Widow gaming PC.

The $999 Widow Gaming “Red Blizzard” gaming rig features a cool, quiet 2.5 GHz Intel Dual Core E5200 CPU, two gigabytes of memory from Silicon Mountain and a spacious 500GB Western Digital Hard Drive. Instead of the typical noisy, less efficient heatsink-fan combination common to gaming systems, cooling duties are handled by a silent liquid CPU cooler, a must-have requirement for overclocking enthusiasts. The sub-$1000 “Red Blizzard” model is housed in a newly-designed Widow gaming case, sporting a brushed aluminum Widow logo and red lighting accents on the front bezel, combined with red LED fans and a glowing red cold cathode tube on the inside for a dramatic, powerful look. The on-screen graphics are equally appealing thanks to the new nVidia GeForce 9600GT video card featuring the PhysX advanced physics engine for speedy, realistic rendering of complex in-game images.

Most people associate water-cooling as a high-priced feature that dwells within the bowels of boutique gaming shops, but with the Widow Red Blizzard gaming rig, that conception is set to change as it offers a decent gaming experience without breaking the bank. If you’re looking into a PC upgrade to brace yourself for the upcoming holiday game releases, it is worth considering what Visionman has on offer.

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