The USB Human Skull Drive just in time for Halloween

by Ally

I always go nuts over Halloween, I love all the spooky decorations and of course the candy. Now, I happen to be one of the weirdos that all year round I will leave out a small zombie on my desk. Just because it gets around to Christmastime does not mean I will put all things dark and spooky back in their box where they belong. Well it looks like USB Geek has decided to release yet another spooky item that I wouldn’t mind using all year. That or I suppose you could have a seasonal USB drive.

I imagine the USB Human Skull Drive would be better for people like me who would use it year round. It seems silly to use a USB drive for all of a month or so, then toss the USB drive into a box along with the rest of the Halloween decorations. The thumb drive I’m sure would also make a fun gift for science lovers as well. To pick one up it will cost you $19 for a 2GB drive.

Source: GeekyGadgets

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