Car Chip Pro Engine Performance Monitor


Take a look at your car’s dashboard and chances are you won’t be able to garner anything more than the basics, including speed, fuel, odometer, and engine temperature. For those who thrive on numbers, figures and schematics, that’s just not enough, which is where the Car Chip Pro Engine Performance Monitor comes in handy.

Just plug Car Chip Pro into the OBDII port (easily found under the dashboard or steering wheel) and it reads and stores data from your car’s on-board computers, continuously logging driving and engine performance. On-board diagnostics (OBD) data was once available only to professional mechanics. With Car Chip Pro, this same data is now in your hands. The data logger will start collecting data as soon as you start driving. Connect the Car Chip to your computer via USB and download the data.

Too bad the Car Chip Pro Engine Performance Monitor works with Windows platforms only, so that rules out Mac and Linux petrol heads. You can pick up this geeky device for $119.99.

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