Oxo-biodegradable plastics to the rescue?


Since young I was always taught to reduce the use of plastics and styrofoam containers/cups as those are non-biodegradable, not to mention that turtles often mistake them for jellyfish only to be conned into swallowing plastic bags, leaving them to die shortly thereafter. Biodegradable plastics are the way to go it seems – but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue living out other green lifestyles.

Thanks to an additive that slowly breaks down the disposable plastic items that we use, plastic can be biodegraded and become part of the soil that nourishes the plants that keep our planet’s atmosphere in balance. The addition of this additive turns ordinary plastic into oxy-biodegradable plastic. BioGreen Products sells disposable items made of oxy-biodegradable plastic.

Hopefully oxy-biodegradable plastics will become the norm in the near future for the sake of our planet and our children’s future.

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