Handheld Aquarium from Sega Toys: Nemo would be proud

by Mark R

The Handheld Aquarium by Sega Toys could best be described as a Virtual Pet, which haven’t been popular since the early nineties. In fact, I think that is when Sega Toys peaked with their Sega Saturn.

The full color graphics are certainly better than anything the Tamagotchi had back in the day. In this case, the user gets to take care of a fish, or some other marine animal like a dolphin.

The underwater pet will grow, and there is an extra bonus as well, because the virtual pet’s space will somehow expand. I am assuming this is a virtual expansion, because there is a tiny screen on this handheld aquarium.

The user, or virtual pet owner, also has the option of playing three different mini games with their pet, and hopefully isn’t punished too hard if they fail in their responsibility. If you are wondering what I mean by that, just picture a little kid picking up their Handheld Aquarium only to find that their virtual aquatic friend is floating on his or her back. Yeah, that’s a pretty gruesome image, and the little tyke may never watch Finding Nemo again.

The Handheld Aquarium is available at the Japan Trend Shop for $59.


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