Nero thinks hardware for Tivo recording

by James

Seeing that more and more people are getting their entertainment through their PCs, TIVO wants to take advantage of an emerging market. So, they go to a company who makes software for DVD burning. Becoming partners, Nero and TIVO have announced the first TIVO for PC use. Known as Nero LiquidTV| TiVo PC, the package includes both hardware and software which will let users record TV directly to their PC with the ease of your average DVR. The nice thing is that it sounds as if LiquidTV won’t come with the burdensome DRM laden TIVO to Go restrictions, as once TV programs are recorded, the shows can be exported to PSP, iPod or DVD directly.

The TiVo PC remote, TV tuner card, and an IR blaster combine for a wireless connection between the satellite or cable box and the PC. LiquidTV | TiVoPC will retail for about $199, with the software alone going for just south of a hundred. But here’s something I find baffling. Although LiquidTV comes with a year free of the TIVO service, you’ll have to pay for TIVO after that. Huh? Why would I want to do that when I can get off the shelf hardware, install MythTV or some other open source DVR, or even play with Windows Media Center for no monthly pittance?

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Guest Says: September 5, 2010 at 2:02 am

Tivo Hasn’t died out yet?
HTPC Hardware

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