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AA batteries have been around for such a long time already that we more or less take them for granted, but there is still more to the evolution of AA batteries than meets the eye. Case in point, Panasonic’s Evolta battery that has already been recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s “longest lasting AA alkaline battery cell”. This is a newly created category just for batteries alone, and you can be sure that the Evolta is but a starting point in this category – I can’t wait for the day technology evolves to make alkaline battery cells last virtually forever.

The name Evolta itself is an amalgamation of “evolution” and “voltage”, symbolizing growth and power, respectively. Both of them were specifically designed to work with a wide range of electronics devices, although I think it would be rather foolish to use these in a remote control unless you don’t want to change the batteries in your remote for 10 years or something. It would be more suitable to use the Evolta in energy draining devices like digital cameras and remote control toys, although its use is not limited to just those mentioned products.

What makes the Evolta battery so special? Well, the way it is structured internally offers more space within compared to previous generation batteries, which in turn lets Panasonic cram in even more active materials. Couple that with an improved sealing technology and you end up with a more durable battery by all means. Not only that, newly-developed active materials for the battery’s cathode (manganese dioxide and oxy-hydroxide titanium) and anode (zinc) facilitate a chemical reaction that delivers superior performance. Panasonic has also worked hard to improve the manufacturing process to jam active materials more evenly and densely.

The Evolta will come in AA/AAA flavors in four-pack and eight-pack versions, retailing for $4.99 and $8.99, respectively.

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Richard Says: September 28, 2008 at 7:41 pm

one thing that’s missing is how LONG these lasts. that was the whole point of the article wasn’t it?

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