SkateBrake Kit eases journey downhill


You know what they say – if you happen to need brakes while skating or blading, chances are you’re a n00b as seasoned veterans find alternative ways of stopping their momentum even when making their way downhill. For those who do not have that much confidence just yet, there is the SkateBrake Kit that can be retro-fitted onto just about any skateboard for $109.95. This kit includes :-

  • Complete SkateBrake truck assembly
  • 76mm hand cast P.U. ABEC-1 speed bearings
  • 2″ diameter disc brake pads
  • 2″ diameter rotors
  • 42″ long brake cable
  • Brake grip hamdle with wrist strap
  • Complete front truck assembly
  • Riser Pads
  • Hardware package
  • Hand Grip Clip
  • Cable Clip

Are you still young enough to afford breaking a few bones while going downhill? If so, the SkateBrake Kit is definitely right up your alley.

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Winston Says: February 6, 2010 at 4:43 am

I liked this product it helped me through great times. especially when i began to start longboarding it helped control my speed and my awarness of my own speed.

barney mitchell Says: February 6, 2010 at 4:47 am

i found these really helpful when i was skateing too fast. it made me stop when i needed to. saved my life on a few ocasions

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