The Star Wars Phone Flashers

by Ally

When it comes to actually noticing our phone is ringing it doesn’t always happen.  It may be tucked away in your purse or bag too far and you never hear it over a blaring radio or with your headphones on.  Well an added device that is easily seen would be nice so that you don’t miss important phone calls quite as often.  Granted with these particular phone flashers you are going to stand out as a geek, but they’re cool enough that it’s easy to ignore that it’s not socially acceptable.

The Star Wars Phone Flashers will begin spinning and flashing the moment a call comes in.  Which might scare the life out of you if you’re tired and driving late at night.  A red flashing light is way too similar to a cop flying up behind you.  Which on the plus side is bound to wake you up and keep you alert the whole drive home.  To pick one up it is being sold on Firebox’s UK site, but since it is currently out of stock they aren’t saying as to how much you’d be paying for it.

Update: The Star Wars Phone Flashers is now in stock for £4.95 a pop.

Source: RandomGoodStuff

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