Boxing Skeleton ball point pen


With Halloween coming around pretty soon, you will find a whole slew of commercial items released to celebrate this holiday. Among them is the Boxing Skeleton ball point pen, where pressing its button will automatically cause its eyes to glow red while boxing away, hoping to score a TKO on whoever is in its path. Something to while away the long and boring hours at the office, no doubt. I wouldn’t use this to place my John Hancock on official documents in the corporate boardroom though. Strangely enough, the pen itself costs $2.49 but the shipping fee is a whopping $5.

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Alli Says: January 30, 2009 at 8:51 pm

*wanders by*

I own a bunch of these; skulls, frogs, etc. As an occupational therapist, they make for a great fine motor activity as well as fun to write with.

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