Spooky CGOTW and $50 winner are…


In last week’s coolest gadget contest we had a new winner, Random Good Stuff, with the decidedly cool Halloween Bubble Fogger, wonder how many people will have one of these on the shopping list for next month.

Be the star for this year’s Halloween in your neighborhood. The Bubble Fogger creates fog-filled bubbles and once you pop them they become fog.

iPod KaraokeIn a tight fought second place, with 14% of the votes is Gaj-It with iKaraoke (arrrrg my ears hurt).

As the little “i” at the start of its name suggests, iKaraoke is an accessory for your iPod and a far better one than plain old earphones in my opinion! It works by sending the music from your iPod to your stereo without the lead vocals. This means that no matter what style of music you’re into, you will never again be confined to the old karaoke backing tracks of Abba.

USB Beer opener
Finally in third place with 13% of the votes we have the USB Stick Beer Bottle Opener (my kind of gadget).

The amount of utilities being added to USB sticks these days is astounding, we are no longer happy with just having a simple USB memory stick that does one job, none of them are as useful as the USB Stick CO from Trekstor.

This week’s randomly drawn voter who wins the $50 Amazon voucher is Jenna, congratulations Jenna we’ll be in touch.

As always thanks to all entrants, voters and commentators. The next weekly coolest gadgets will be up for voting this Friday (write about gadgets and want to enter, here’s how), see you there.

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Fatgadget Says: September 16, 2008 at 7:28 am

Well done guys, congratulations to the winners 🙂

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