The Sun System Facial Tanner keeps your face tanned

by Ally

Somehow, it is now September and I have managed to not get a tan.  Granted, I don’t look like a pasty white shut-in who has never seen the light of day, but I still by no means can be described as tanned.  Well if you’d like to appear like you’ve got that fresh summer glow even once it becomes cold outside, you might try the facial tanner.  This facial tanner is far better than the excessively old and terrifying ones that were used in the 70s or before.  This one comes with a timer, which will help keep you from falling asleep in front of it.

The Sun System Facial Tanner is light weight enough to move to any room in your home and uses a standard outlet.  The long lasting lamps will work through hundreds of tans.  The lamp also has a safety shut-off for those situations when it needs to shut off immediately.  You will of course need the usual tanning goggles, just as you would for a full tanning bed.  To pick one of these up it will cost you $139.99 which is far cheaper than purchasing a full tanning bed for in your home.

Source: Gizmodiva

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Picasso Says: September 12, 2008 at 10:09 am

Can you say premature wrinkles and skin cancer? And why on earth would you tan JUST your face and be unevenly tanned or white the rest of your body? If you going to invest in a skin destroyer, might as well get the full-body cancer causing machine LOL!

Picasso Says: September 12, 2008 at 10:17 am

People STILL don’t know what is the cause of many cancers but I do and I have no PhD and I am no rocket scientist, it’s just simple logic… What happens when you breath pollution on a daily basis? What occurs when exposed to radiation no matter how low level it is? Sooner or later, the cancer you have was caused by these two simple factors: pollution in air and radiation exposure. Any questions? We need to stop driving fossil fueled cars to stop breathing polluted air on a daily basis and let our planet also breath, and we need to cover up because the clouds can only protect us so much and now even less with the ozone layer each year being less and less- don’t believe me, do your research and see each year more and more people are dying from skin poisoning (too much sunlight-radiation)… So do you really want to add to this by exposing your face to more radiation with this tanner? Go ahead, it’s your life but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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