ATM Piggy Bank Teaches Kids where Money Really Comes From

by Mark R

I have a five-year old daughter, and I don’t think she understands the concept of banks. In fact, she believes that we go to the bank to get her a lollipop, and she probably believes the ATM machine makes the money that it gives out.

Wouldn’t that be nice. However, if I want to teach my daughter how ATMs really work, I should probably get her the ATM piggy bank.

The ATM piggy bank comes with a keycard with a PIN number that you must use to make a withdrawal or deposit.

Unfortunately, I don’t have more information than this, as the I Want One of Those website is a little short on detail.

The numeric keys are definitely for inputting your pin number, but I don’t know what the other buttons are for. Even though there is a display, I don’t think that it could possibly keep track of your money unless this thing has some sort of money counting function for your dollars and cents. I see an “in” slot for coins, but no “out” slot for dollars.

You should be able to get the ATM Bank at the aforementioned and appropriately named website of I Want One of Those for about £24.99.


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