Pedi Paws makes nail cutting a snap


Folks who own a dog or cat will know that not all animals from both species are obedient enough for you to handle various body parts of theirs without shifting uncomfortably or even biting/scratching you. Enter the Pedi Paws, a device that ought to make life a whole lot easier.

Pedi Paws gently and painlessly trims pet’s nails. The secret is the innovative rotary emery bands that gently remove thin layers of nail without the pain of traditional clippers. Protective cap catches the filings for easy cleanup. It’s fast, easy and saves on visits to the groomer! Precision high speed motor operates on two C batteries (not included), cordless, to use anywhere!

Why not make grooming time with your pet a whole lot easier with Pedi Paws? After all, surely $19.98 is not too high a price to ask for your beloved pet’s well being?

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Bryan Says: September 8, 2008 at 9:08 am

Get this from the manufacturer and get the shed ender for free. I almost bought from the link provided until I did a search and found this better deal!

chelsea Says: February 22, 2010 at 5:35 pm

i have this product, bought it at walmart of all stores ! and i think it works pretty good, it stops if i push to hard, and the only downside is that many pets wont let u touch their nails so its hard to make your pet give in ! but it works good !

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