The USB Desk Lamp and Speaker

by Ally

We have seen a few combination gadgets here on Coolest Gadgets.  Like ones that include a light, microphone and webcam.  Well this one doesn’t include quite that much technology, but it at least combines a couple to free up some workspace on your desk.  If for some reason you don’t have iTunes running on your main computer, then the set of speakers attached to the lamp might come in handy to hook your iPod up to.  Of course this is yet another fairly cheap USB product, so the speakers aren’t going to be stellar but they’ll at least get the job done.

The light itself is an LED lamp that has nine bright and shiny LEDs to make sure you can see the task at hand.  This would also be nice if you tend to take your laptop to the living room and work on the coffee table to have a small easy to move lamp for task lighting as well as some music.  It has all the usual on/off switches as well as volume control directly on it.  It comes in both pink and green and is being sold on Gadget4all for $22.50.

Source: Ubergizmo

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