Sony unveils a couple of new Blu-ray Home Theater Systems


Sony recently released two new home-theater-in-a-box systems with integrated Blu-ray Disc players that will feature outstanding full HD video performance, HDMI inputs and advanced audio codecs, all crammed within a striking design. The two models in question are the BDV-IT1000ES and BDV-IS1000, and both of them are single-disc 5.1 channel surround Blu-ray Disc systems accompanied by S-Air wireless technology, looking great in just about any home it is installed in.

The Sony BDV-IT1000ES 5.1 channel Blu-ray Disc home theater system comes in a super slim speaker design, bringing together a flat voice coil, light weight and highly rigid composite diaphragm, neodymium magnet and rolled type straight damper that enables the full range speaker to measure around 0.75″ wide x 22″ long. The shape of this solid stainless punch grill is able to provide the speaker a wide aperture and high transmission that will help avoid sound distortion. In addition, it is accompanied by a 700W (100W per channel x 7) and a 200W subwoofer. As for the BDV-IS1000, this unobtrusive speaker design will come with five small speakers that are roughly the size of a golf ball. Despite their small size, the 5.1 channel Blu-ray Disc surround system won’t have any trouble delivering the full power of traditional home theater products.

Thanks to Sony’s S-AIR technology, both systems are able to roll out a practical wireless multi-room solution without having to suffer complicated set-up requirements. The main system will transmit wireless audio from the living room to wireless rear speakers for a simple surround sound effect, in addition to separate audio devices throughout the home. All this works within a 164 foot radius, so make sure you don’t have too large of a mansion if you want to pick this up. All you need to do is connect a separate S-AIR AirStation receiver/speaker into a power outlet and you’re good to go.

The BDV-IT1000ES and the BDV-IS1000 will ship for $1,999 and approximately $1,000 this October.

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