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I have no doubt that many of our readers who are in their 30s and 40s have already moved on to the world of MP3s and other “file-based” entertainment formats, doing away with the old vanguard of physical media such as cassettes and CDs. What happens then, you ask, to your collection of old (but beloved) CDs that are currently sitting in a box up at the attic? Instead of letting it collect dust and having grandkids query you about the days where media wasn’t stored on holographic discs, why not sell off your old or unwanted CDs for some cash? After all, times are pretty lean at this moment, so any method where you are able to make some additional dosh would be most welcome, especially where things you don’t want any more are concerned. This new online service is known as, and they will pay anywhere from 25p up to £3 for each CD.

I would presume that the trade-in value will have a lot to do with the rarity of a disc as well as the condition it is shipped to them, so it always pays to take good care of your stuff as you never know when it might turn into some sort of sought after collectible overnight. This is a free-to-use trade in service, and in case you were wondering whether anyone is foolish enough to throw away perfectly OK CDs, statistics show that over £21 million in old CDs are thrown away in the UK every year. Now that you see the big picture, things will start to get interesting. All you need to do is head on to, click the ‘Get cash for your old CDs’ button and fill in the barcode number found on each CD that you want to sell. The website will then reference that number with its database, offering you a certain amount of cash. It is capable of purchasing up to 250 CDs per transaction.

I guess it is high time I start to rummage through my junk…

Smallprint: We are not sure about the copyright here, as if you sell the CDs are you legally allowed to keep a copy? (thanks Stan for bringing this to our attention)

Source: BIOS

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