New Star Trek Film to be stuffed with cool gadgetry … just for fans

by James

Fans of Star Trek, whether Trekkie or Trekker or whatever, can debate about the new cast of Star Trek, written and directed by JJ Abrams, they can fret about movie plot details which are harder to come by than design specs on a nuclear sub. But one thing the fans can really look forward to are the coolest gadgets which will take center stage when the Enterprise goes to warp later this year.

The biggest gadget, of course, is NCC 1701 itself. Nobody really knows what the Enterprise will look like, save for the priviledged few who have had a chance to see a rough cut. But they aren’t saying anything. But in addition to the Enterprise itself, Abrams promises that the old standbys such as the transporter, phaser, communicator, tricorder and more will not only come back in all their glory, but fans should be thrilled with how they are portrayed.

And Abrams is sensitive to the fans, but also wants to court new fans to a franchise that even he admits made him a trekkie (or trekker … oh never mind).

““If you do the bridge of the Enterprise, what does it look like? Does Uhura has the piece in her, or does she not? And if she does, what does it look like? If they have tricorders, what do they look like? Phasers, how do you go from stun to kill, and does anything happen? What does the whole fleet look like? I’m telling you, every day, we were figuring this out, how do we take what we know and love and ‘Star Trek’ and apply it to a modern audience.”

In addition, Abrams promises that no gadgets from the Next Generation universe will make it’s way into this new Star Trek, which is looking more and more like your daddy’s Enterprise every day.

Hat Tip – MTV Movies

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dave Says: January 17, 2009 at 9:49 pm

i have seen pics of the new uss enterprise. and i think it looks so cool! i want to say to all star trek fans like me live long and prosper!

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