G4 is thinnest laptop mouse, ever

by Mark R

I’ve got to hand it to the company who made the G4 Slim mouse. It can’t have been easy to make the world’s thinnest laptop mouse, or at least the world’s slimmest so far.

The G4 is a 5mm piece of plastic and metal that can fold up into a very flat slot. In fact, it is so flat that it can fit inside the PCMCIA slot of the laptop, which is one that I don’t use while the laptop is being transported.

This makes the G4 one of the most compact computer mice, and it comes with a retractable USB cable as well. This has a touch scroll pad in the middle of two left and right mouse buttons.

The G4 slim mouse is a plug and play feature that is compatible with both PC and Mac laptops. Not only that, this G4 Mouse is an optical mouse that is state of the art.

Oddly enough, this is not the first Slim Mouse that we have reported on. The first we did was about the size of a finger, and had a scroll wheel on the side.

The G4 Slim mouse comes with a leather pouch and mouse pad, and is available for about $69.99 on the Slim mouse site.


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