Mojave Experiment: Success? Failure? Or Something else?

by Mark R

On many of the online shows that I am prone to watch on my typical work day, I have been seeing ads for the “Mojave Experiment”. At first I thought it was a reference to the Area 51/Roswell incident, but Roswell is actually nowhere near the Mojave desert.

The Mojave experiment is actually an ad campaign by Microsoft for Windows Vista that is more of a response to the negative criticism that Vista has been receiving.

The ad features some random people responding to some questions about Windows Vista. Microsoft asks them questions like “Why haven’t you upgraded yet?” They usually say that they have heard about all the problems. Oddly enough, they don’t show the responses where people say, “I couldn’t afford it”.

These people are then introduced to a new version of Windows called Windows Mojave. The people respond favorably, and then Microsoft tells them that Windows Mojave is actually Windows Vista. (Surprise!) The ad then shows the footage of the people wanting to get Windows Vista.

I usually don’t like ending an article with a question that isn’t rhetorical, but I want to open up the floor for comments. Is Microsoft manipulating this little experiment to purposely produce favorable results about Windows Vista? If so, then this isn’t an experiment, is it?


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JEmlay Says: August 28, 2008 at 2:33 pm

The experiment was to prove that people have false impressions of Windows Vista. That’s it! The experiment was a success.

Whether or not some participants can or can not afford Vista was not apart of the issue. Therefore they do not matter.

Donnell Says: August 28, 2008 at 4:11 pm

Most people with knowledge of computers understand that you might not want to jump from one (Stable) OS to a brand new one. You have to wait for updates or drivers to come out or your in for a world of hurt. I think if Microsoft wanted Mojave to be a success they should show us what the people see on screen beside just reactions. Even though you can’t forgive Windows ME it seems most people over blow problems with Vista. As far as the Mojave Experiment it could be a mild success (what would you rate a major success for Microsoft).

Neagle Says: August 28, 2008 at 8:49 pm

I have been using Vista Home Premium and XP PRO side by side for 2 years now. Vista is just a fluff OS that consumes resources and the bottom line is the big technical manufacturing companies have no interest in changing over from XP so why should I?

mark Says: August 29, 2008 at 7:13 am

Its also pretty funny that they didn’t have to load the OS themselves or buy it then try to get all there existing software to work on it either. If they did they would have to bleep out plenty of reactions.
Plus if its so great why is microsoft coming out with windows 7 so soon?

james gilbert Says: September 5, 2008 at 10:21 pm

I have used Vista.
First the Pros…
1. It is a very flashy OS with lots of apparent bells and whistle.
2. The systems that I saw [and I shopped around]do not come with Installation CD’s, DVD’s or resource disks and are simply reinstalled from a disk partition.
3. Has the newest Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player, plus all sorts of media tools.
4. Appears to be relatively simple to use as far as OS’ go.
5. Has numerous Digital Rights Management implemented directly into the system to keep the user from downloading or using illegal or questionable media.
6. Has numerous safeguards in place to avoid haphazard installations…

So what was the downsides… [and trust me, I gave the Operating System the benefit of the doubt]

1. Yes… it was flashy and has all kinds of “cool” widgets and showy stuff. But these require an enormous amount of pc power to accomplish and as overbloated as the OS is, this is certainly not an advantage. All the flashy stuff is impressive to an inexperienced user, but is simply smoke and mirrors on an Operating System that taxes even the fastest microprocessors available…

2. No CD’s, resource disks… Wow that actually sounds great! But wait, is it? Honestly NO! The majority of users at some time in there OS usage will most likely get “infected”. And where do you think their favorite place to hide, corrupt, and elude the end-user??? That’s right, on the restore partition, so when you try to restore the OS, the infection is inevitably re-installed right along with it, the end-user none the wiser…

3. Yes, it has the latest MS browser and Media Player… this is a good thing right!!! Wrong, It is a fact that with all of MS patching and placing bandaids on security holes, and on top of that bloating the thing with unnecessary crap… Well, it does look nice even if its functionality is far below that of other, better browsers. And the Media Player you ask… Well, quite showy indeed, but looks can be deceiving. Beneath the code is Microsofts attempt to control what, when and where a user can “use” media. It is called Digital Rights Management… but more on this later. Suffice it to say, for now, it is not as appealing as it appears to be on the surface.

4. Most of the stuff supplied with your new system is designed to be easy for people to use… But I found that even though the stuff seemed to be easy to use, it doesn’t matter if the OS crashes due to instability… [On one occassion I had 12 crashes within the span of less than an hour] Oh, it does reboot quite readily and with much EASE!

5. Okay, back to the DRM issue… If you have media with DRM, you realize that it can’t be played without connecting [with or without] your permission to obtain a license for playback. This of course is fine if you don’t care when your pc is connecting or what it is doing… Some people however may not have connectivity at the particular time, or have to pay for their bandwidth usage. This off course IS good! For the media producers… they can sell you something [that you can’t return BTW] and it doesn’t even have to be fully functional… HAHAHA. Who’s laughing now?

6. Yes! Security features… it does indeed have these. Constant nagging screens to make sure that I want to do something [that I have already made clear that I want to do] or prevent something…
Okay, yes this is definitely a good thing to an inexperience user [which most users of Vista are!] But the effort would have been better spent implementing software to prevent worms,trojans,virii,malware,popups… and a number of other terrible baddies out there. The time could’ve been better used to get the bugs out of the OS before shipping [No MS was in a hurry to make some more money… doesn’t matter whether what they are selling is actually worth the price they ask…] And the bottom line… I WOULD RATHER have a stable OS than an overbloated, unreliable one anytime!

And one final issue for the CONS…
I have quite a bit of software. I purchased this software with the expectation that it would continue to work [Even if the OS is upgraded…] This was not the case. Out of 25 pieces of software, that by the way I spent a great deal of money for… only 3 were able to run on the Vista machine. 1 would not run efficiently [I am fairly sure this was due to the OS overtaxing the cpu and hogging the systems resources…]So I would’ve been stuck with over $300 worth of useless software, not necessarily something I relished at all.

What to do… the store told me that I could only get Vista on new machines. The manufacturer [Gateway] told me that the system could not be downgraded to XP as did the personel at the outlet store…
Hogwash… I now have the stable OS I want. The software I have still functions. For something the so-called “egg-heads” said couldn’t be done…
I downgraded to XP and collected the drivers and resources for the hardware components online… a tedious job, no doubt, but quite doable nevertheless!!!

And for Microsoft to develop a new OS… and at the same time attempt to push a disastrous OS on the general public is just dispicable to say the least. Their marketing is underhanded and it is obvious that their major concern is trying to unload the countless copies of the Vista [sic] OS that are lying unused because some people actually USE their brains instead of just numbly listening to propaganda type marketing such as this…

Dave Says: September 9, 2008 at 5:54 pm

1) Bought a Gateway Notebook with Vista pre-installed.
a) It took forever to boot
b) Never could get it to join the home network
c) It came from the factory with hardware/software compatibility issues
2) Took it back to Office Max – no issue with them giving a refund
3) Bought a MacBook Pro
a) No OS issues
b) No hardware issues
4) Added 2 Mac towers, i-Mac, (2nd) MacBook, Mac-Mini, i-pod & i-pod hi-fi
5) Home network now has two Windows XP boxes and six Mac boxes (had a Dell (XP) notebook, sold it while I could still get some money for it…
6) A buddy was having problems with his new Dell (Vista)
a) See Item 1 a & b
b) AOL’s & other anti-virus software fighting for dominance preventing completion of boot process
c) Had to go over to his house with a MacBook to troubleshoot Vista’s inability to see wireless network (the “Wonderful World of Window’s Wizard-Why???”)
7) Won’t spend my money on a “LittleLimp” product again (includes Ford Sync) – No confidence…

Ivan Says: September 9, 2008 at 10:00 pm

me i grew up on windows. first one i have ever owned was a win 95 then 98 se and now i got XP. for a good time now i have done research on windows vs macs.. and now im a mac fan now… when i herd about vista i was kinda sick of them.. and the fact is that i hear some bad things with vista fuels that sickness. but i see this ad for Mojave.. first i think “Oh grate another OS with lame codes that we all are going to upgrade to” but i see the ad more and i start to think ” this jest cant be right.. a mass of people who LIKE a new windows” they relived they were talking about vista.. so at that time i knew they were probably blowing smoke.. grabbing people who probably has a win 98 at home and only taking the GOOD ones to uses for there ads.

bottom line for me is:
this is windows.. they dont make there PC’s with the quality you want they make your PC to only run for the next 3 years and thats it… so any newer version of windows is going to be the same no matter how well they can dress it up to make it look like the best OS out there….


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