The USB Heated Shawl keeps you warm at your desk

by Ally

It hasn’t quite gotten to the point in the year where the weather turns cool. Yet, because of the heat many offices set their air conditioning to freezing levels. Especially nicer restaurants, they are the reason I now carry a sweater whenever I leave the house. This little USB Heated Shawl could keep you warm while everyone else shivers in your office, it probably wouldn’t be good for a restaurant though. Well everyone except the usual suspects that could be standing in the middle of a blizzard in a t-shirt and never even catch a chill. Oddly, it seems like those are the guys always controlling the temperature.

The shawl has a small button so if you drape it around your shoulders it will stay in place. If having it around your shoulders bothers you, you can also place it over your legs. It works by just plugging it into your USB port. Which you likely guessed from the name of the product itself. For once this isn’t a Japan only USB product, it’s actually being sold in the US for $28.95.

Source: Newlaunches

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