Fisher Price Kid-Tough Portable DVD Player is Durable and Entertaining

by Mark R

A while ago, we covered Fisher Price’s FP3 player, a durable device that allowed young children to play MP3s. It appears that Fisher Price is now creating more tech-savvy toys for younger users.

One of their latest on this line is the Kid-Tough Portable DVD Player. The product is just what it sounds, a device that can play DVDs with a rubberized shell for extra protection. It can withstand a good drop, and won’t stop or skip tracks.

The screen is at 3.2 inches, and the battery life is not long, at only two hours. That might be just long enough for a short film on a short trip. Don’t be surprised if your two kids will be fighting on who gets to hold it.

I would hope that this isn’t the first DVD player for younger users, but it certainly won’t be the last. Assuming Blu-ray takes off, disc formats for entertainment aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

There is only one problem: I have three kids myself, and I don’t really want them touching the DVDs themselves. I’ve got a collection of films with fingerprints and smudge marks on them, and you can imagine how well they play.

However, if you think this is something you can give your kids, you’ll have to pay $149.98.


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