Multi-Function Crutch: Polio was never this fun

by AndrewD

While I hesitate to make a joke at JFK’s expense (because he happened to have a severely bum leg), Franklin Delano Roosevelt comes to mind as the perfect target for polio jokes. Watch out LOLCats! LOLPolio is comin’ to getcha! Of course, you don’t need polio to have fun with crutches. A broken leg would do just fine.

And injuries have never been as fun or productive as they are these days, with gadgets being released to enhance a typically uncomfortable experience. For example, this Multi-Function Crutch is sort of like the Swiss Army Knife of medical aides. These forearm crutches contain an LED torch, an alarm and red signal lights, we’re guessing to protect from further injuries caused by being struck by a moving (or parked, you klutz) vehicle.

Aside from the go-go-gadget-crutch features, the Multi-Function Crutch is designed to reduce strain on your arms and wrists, and perfect for all ages. While the product description lists the crutch as great for use while climbing, you’d think that once you have a leg injury, it’s time to give up hiking and mountain trekking for a few weeks. Give yourself a chance to lick your wounds.

The Multi-Function Crutch is available from Gadget4All for $31. If you’re just not the type of person who’s going to sit back on their keister and let the world continue pressing on without them, then a set of crutches such as this might help you safely move around the obstacles of everyday life.

Product Page via 7Gadgets

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John Says: August 18, 2008 at 11:41 am

I think there must be some translation problem. This looks more like a cane or walking stick than a crutch.

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