iPhone 3G Telescope

by AndrewD

You might remember a similar gadget which was released for the original iPhone. That’s old news. The new big boy in town is the iPhone 3G, so of course we’re all going to need a little update. While the iPhone 3G has been reported as having various networking snags, the new model continues to sell well. Even better than expected. So odds are that a nice chunk of you have upgraded.

If you had the iPhone Telescope for your original iPhone and loved using it to see clear images of objects in the distance, then the iPhone 3G Telescope is what you need for the upgraded Apple mobile phone. The 6x scope allows for an extra boost of sight-seeing juice with your iPhone 3G’s camera.

The iPhone 3G Telescope is optimized for the newer phone’s camera, complete with wide-angle shots, color reduction for a clearer shot, and an all-around effective way of curing your iPhone’s near-sightedness. The Telescope package even includes a neck strap so you can wear your iPhone like a traditional photographer.

The iPhone 3G Telescope seems like an awesome tool for members of the paparazzi and bird watchers who are in need of a speedy (supposedly) 3G network. While it might not be powerful enough to peer into the far reaches of the night sky, it sure can invade someone’s privacy pretty well. You can get your own from Brando for $19.

Product Page via GeekAlerts

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