Flamingo Away


The Flamingo Away is definitely a much different garden decoration compared to the usual gnomes and what not. These speak out their mind in an alternative manner, never mind if you don’t have a pond for the pink flamingo to land on.

The Gnome-Be-Gone’s aren’t just interested in getting rid of gnomes in your garden. They’ll also weed out any flamingos that might be hanging around too. Includes 2 Gnome-Be-Gones and 1 resin pink flamingo. Handmade using recycled components by uber artist Fred Conlon. Fred’s amazingly fun, funky, and always very unique art, has appeared in art galleries, festivals and shows across the country. Measures approximately 24″ long x 16″ wide. Metal will acquire a rust patina finish with outdoor use.

Pretty pricey outdoor decorations to have IMHO. You will need to fork out $124.99 for this.

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