TIE fighter webcam means the Emperor is watching you …

by James

Star Wars geeks will no doubt want this bad boy … it’s an Imperial Tie Fighter Advanced X1 from Star Wars that also acts as a webcam. And although this looks more to be a fan boy accessory rather than a serious video conferencing tool, there are some nifty features that make this not only fun, but worthy of consideration.

What’s really cool about it is that in the business end of the TIEs laser canons are LEDs which will light you up and make it easier for the camera to capture your image. That’s a great idea since webcams aren’t well known for their performance in low light or even ambient lighting conditions. No word on how bright the LEDs get, but even a little in the right place is better than nothing. In addition, adding to the fun factor of this TIEcam is that it has all the expected digital audio effects which will provide the right audio ambience for chatting in a galaxy far, far away. That means laser fire, engine whines, and perhaps even the old John Williams score. Enough to make it fun, at the very last.

The TIE webcam will shoot full screen video and take screen grabs and comes with a built in microphone and handy clip for convenient installation. Not too bad for a price of about $40 US.

Cue John Williams, please.

Hat tip – Technabob

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