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It is interesting to note that a company like SRS Labs, Inc. who is more well known for their various solutions in the surround sound, audio and voice arena, has ventured into the world of software by rolling out a free “Photogram” widget, enabling both MySpace and Facebook users to enhance their online photographs with personal sound effects that have been enriched with SRS audio processing. This free application would mean we could see a whole new way of communicating with one another, leaving these “comments” that are actually audible instead of using the voice in your head while you visually read those comments.

Imagine having spent a great holiday at a beach resort, sending those dozens of photos to your friends online while attaching the relaxing sounds of the waves crashing against the shore. How about embedding the sound of applause to your child’s dance recital photos? It is interesting to note that some of these sound effects are available in surround sound, so those with such a speaker set up at home will be able to enjoy these Photograms to the maximum. SRS Labs has made sure that all the audio clips attached have gone through SRS audio processing to give you the best quality possible. There is a huge bunch of selections under various categories such as Emotions, Animal Sounds, Nature, Modern Life, You’re a Star and Cartoon Favorites. Creating and posting your own widget is as simple as following the four steps shown below :-

1. Select your photo image
2. Select a frame color to complement the your page color scheme
3. Select the SRS-enhanced sound clip
4. Post the finished Photogram widget, either on your ‘profile’ or ‘friend’s comment’ section.

This widget is smart enough to resize photos automatically so that they fit the frame, and is compatible with the most common photo formats including JPEG, GIF, and PNG.

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