Sound Systems for Bikes

by AndrewD

Just because you want to start traveling green, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to let the luxuries of your car drift into the horizon. One of main concerns about bike travel, other than safety and the lack of A/C, is the loss of a pounding sound system to bust out all of your hard rocking tunes. A bunch of teens from Queens, NYC have proved that sound doesn’t have to be sacrificed.

In a short film titled “Made In Queens”, the teens, all of which are originally from Trinidad, show off their custom bikes with their unusual modifications. These Trinidadians have taken up the hobby of pimping out their bicycles with audio equipment. The length at which they go on their bikes varies, but the one pictured above has gained the name “Basszilla”, for obvious reasons.

The accompanying film, “Made In Queens”, is an official selection from the Edinburgh Film Festival, and the teens have been getting a good amount of deserved press and media attention. It just goes to show the people are blind to the realities of a green life. They refuse to look at the possibilities because of their stubborn grasp on what they are familiar with.

I’d totally rock one of these bikes with pride. I, admittedly, don’t own a bike or a car at the moment, opting for a walking traveling regiment instead or rides from my buddies. But now that I’ve seen what a bike could offer with a little creativity, maybe I’ll look into a new pedal vehicle.

Source via PSFK

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