Sensasell floor wows visitors


Now this is one floor that will definitely make you want to walk on it over and over again. After all, it leaves not dirty footprints behind, but luminous once that helps hit a chord for those who have forgotten that each of us leave a carbon footprint that will adversely affect our environment.

The floor graces the entrance to the Spain Pavilion, “Comunitat Valenciana.” The 250 Square foot (25 square meter) floor system consists of over 1000 Sensacell HSI64-36-W interactive modules, each module contains capacitive sensors and a LED lighting system, the capacitive sensors allows the floor to detect and respond to visitors footsteps right through the 20 mm thick architectural glass that forms the surface of the floor. The floor will be available for viewing for the duration of the 2008 World Expo – June 14 through September 14, 2008.

It makes me wonder just how green the manufacturing process of this floor is, and the amount of juice required to power it shouldn’t exactly be environmentally friendly either.

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