USB Dongle brings freedom of the press to Chinese bloggers

by James

With the Chinese Propagana Olympic Games now here and everyone basking in the spirit of athletic competition while China restricts Internet access even to mainstream media sources, it seemed the time was right to report on this cool gadget known as the “Freedom Stick.”

Engineered by folks who know a thing or two about government oppression of ideas, this German creation is a USB drive that costs about $20 US and comes pre-loaded with software which will get around and frustrate any monitoring software and firewalls by masking computer communications and bouncing it around the world and back through a wide network of anonymous computers, thus avoiding detection and preventing organizations like the PRC from tracing your signal.

Course, what could bring freedom to those behind the Chow Mein curtain could also bet used to mask communications of our enemies here in the States. So you can be Uncle Sam will say buying one here is a “no-no.”

Hat Tip – Core 77

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