Mint 220 Digital Music Station

by Mark R

I had a chance to try out the Mint 220 Digital Music Station, and I found it plays better than most iPod docks with clear and terrific sound.

I was very amazed at one amazing feature of this device. It came with a wireless transmitter key that I plugged in to my computer via USB. In a matter of seconds, the sounds that would normally play from my computer were playing wirelessly from the speakers on the Mint.

There was no CD-ROM necessary to install this wireless feature, nor was there any waiting for some software on the transmitter key that slowly downloaded. It plugged and played in every fast sense of the catchphrase. This feature is possible through Texas Instruments PurePath Digital Audio, which is good for up to 45 feet (15 meters).

The speakers are two full range 3.5 inch peerless transducers for clearer sound. The Mint 220 also comes with a remote control for the iPod. I found the remote was able to pause and go back and forth through tracks, but it was not able to access the iPod main menu.

Other than that, I felt that the Mint 220 Digital Music Station is definitely worth a user’s money. You can get it now at the official site for about $179.99.


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