Boynq Iris combines all of your desktop gadgetry

by Ally

Last week there was the combination webcam that featured four other gadgets built-in.  Well this has just as many gadgets built-in, but has a slightly more streamlined look.  Instead of having multiple arms with different devices on the end, this one merely puts all the gadgets into one piece.  Within this little guy is a webcam, speaker, light and microphone.  The light itself features 8-LED lights to make sure your work space stays illuminated.

One down side with it being all one piece is that wherever the webcam is pointed is directly where the light will be pointed as well.  Which means you lose your task lighting when you’re broadcasting.  On the plus side, you will always have a perfectly angled spotlight.  I still am not entirely sold on the combination desktop products.  I tend to prefer a combined gadget to several different ones, however, ones like this have too many drawbacks.  Having them all-in-one piece just makes things more complicated than necessary.  It is being sold for £29.99 or about $59.

Source: everythingusb

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