MacBook computers get “Checkpoint Friendly” cases


Incipio Technologies, Inc. has just rolled out a new line of TSA (Transportation Security Association) “Checkpoint Friendly” laptop cases that target Apple’s entire line of MacBook computers, ranging from the super thin MacBook Air to regular MacBooks and the Pro versions. Each of these Incipio QuickCheck cases will come in a slim form factor that not only offers everyday protection from bumps and unwanted knocks, it also offers optimal function and protection throughout the TSA security checkpoint process without requiring the user to take the laptop out of its case. This will greatly reduce the amount of time it requires you to get through a security checkpoint, much to the relief of people behind you in line and simultaneously lowers the chances of having your precious MacBook stolen.

Protect your Apple notebook with Incipio’s QuickCheck “CheckPoint Friendly” carrying case. The TSA has announced that they will now be allowing laptops to go through screening while remaining in a “CheckPoint Friendly” case. This means your Apple notebook stays protected throughout the airport screening process thus sparing dings and/or damage, not to mention your valuable time. The QuickCheck case is made of durable, high quality, twill woven nylon featuring two front storage pouches, secure Velcro flap closure and a protective padded lining. The adjustable/removable shoulder strap with support pad provides convenient options. Available in classic black and cool silver.

Well, aren’t you going out to get one for yourself, you self-professed Mac lover?

Product Page via Press Release

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Thibault Says: August 4, 2008 at 3:40 pm

Okay, I don’t know how you can get your computer in that case without taking it out when going though the x-rays at the airport. It’s likely the security at the checkpoint will ask you to take it out of the case, put it in one of those plastic trays and shove it into the x-ray machine.

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