AT&T beefing up international calling/data plans

by James

With the spectacular success smart phones like the iPhone bringing new customers to AT&T from just about everywhere, the Death Star has announced new international roaming packages for smartphone users. The package, which features 50 megabytes of data for just under $70 a month, will be available in 67 countries but will not include normal voice and data plans.

Other smartphone plans include Unlimited Blackberry emails for for the same $70 a month, and iPhone users specifically will enjoy two separate plans where for about $25 monthly, users can enjoy about 20 MB of data in 36 countries or two and a half times that for an additional $60 a month after their original monthly charge. The $25 iPhone data plan is also similar to a plan for Windows Mobile and Palm owners.

To help travelers manage their data effectively, AT&T has also launched the AT&T Travel Guide, which will allow users to compare their itinerary to specific roaming rates so the charges won’t be so stunning when the bills arrive after vacation.

AT&T recently released the new 3G iPhone with Apple which provides for voice and data plans for about $30 a month. Doing the math, the $199 8GB 3G phone will cost consumers north of $1,000 over the life of their contract, so the new roaming data plans will be over and above that by a rather wide margin.

You gotta love the cult of style.

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