This Treadmill will have you literally climbing the walls …

by James

There are many ways to get exercise, most involving treadmills. Astronauts use them to keep in shape while in space, veterinarians use them to rehab Kentucky Derby winners, and even former Olympic swimmers use them to maintain that finely honed swimming stroke. But what about the poor mountain climber? Sure, there are portable rock walls that kids learn to climb at summer camps and adults at county fairs, but they only go about 25 feet high. Challenging for the novice, but once you ring the bell, where’s the challenge? Thanks to the Treadwall, the challenge is not only there, it’s never ending.

Yes, it’s a rock wall climber and a treadmill all in one. But what makes it interesting is the speed is governed by the climber’s weight and power pulling up, meaning that beginners will learn at their own pace. But the pace can also be varied by loosening the resistance of the treadwall to the weight. So, the treadmill turns, the climber to have to climb grab and push up rather quickly or lose their balance and start over again. This not only improves the cardio vascular system, but also forces climbers to make fast decisions and scurry up the wall, thereby eliminating the fatigue factor of hanging on the side due to indecision. The incline can also vary merely by adjusting the angle or just climbing up other side, giving added degrees of difficulty.

Cost is about $10,000, so while you won’t have one in your living room soon, look for it to pop up in your Gym pretty soon.

Check out the cool video here:

Hat Tip – The Giz

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