Lego desk lamp and organizer

by Ally

Sometimes I’m amazed at the sheer amount of Lego inspired gadgets and even furniture that pops up.  Well here’s one more for you and this one comes in a chic smoky white form.  For once, this one won’t actually cost you a small fortune either.  So many vendors take advantage of the fact that Legos have so much geek appeal that no matter the price, someone will buy it.  This light actually has an extra perk thrown in.  It has an extra layer that can be snapped off or on that has little cups to hold your pens and other little things you keep on your desk.

Then if you don’t need that, it can pop off.  It doesn’t mention if the lamps will snap together or not.  It may be that the bottom of the lamp itself isn’t equipped for that.  It would be fun to have a full tower of brightly shining Legos though.  To pick one up it will actually only cost you $15.  The down side is though that this is a Japan product.  Hopefully a US or UK site will pick some of these up too though to make it easier for those of us outside of Japan.

Source: technabob

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