Coffin Cars: Highway To Hell

by AndrewD

When AC/DC wrote their metal classic “Highway To Hell”, who could have ever predicted that the song would be taken so literally? Of course, what else are we supposed to do with all of those spare coffins we have lying around the house? I, for one, don’t plan on using them for anything productive anytime soon.

Get dressed in your finest suit and prepare for the ride of your life. This photo tutorial shows you how a simple coffin became much more than just a death trap. These Coffin Cars have all of the leg room you could ever need, not to mention it provides a nice place to sleep if you become stranded… forever. Muahahahah!

If you thought jumping on the freeway with a golf cart would get your some awkward looks, just wait until you’re cruising around in your very own Coffin Car. Gothic culture aside, the idea of modding a coffin into a car isn’t that bad of a concept. It’s the perfect hot rod phallic symbol if you leave the whole morbid nightmares behind.

Sure, anyone driving around in a coffin might be trying to compensate for something. But probably not what you’re thinking. While it is surprisingly phallic, the Coffin Car won’t be leading people to the conclusion that you aren’t confident with your manhood. In fact, you have to feel pretty confident about yourself to ride around in one of these.

Source via Coolbuzz

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Sharon Says: June 15, 2011 at 10:57 pm

OMG I would have totally begged my Dad for one of those, and more than likely, he would have helped me build one! We had an awesome hill for it, too…Probably would have put us both in real coffins lol. Well, maybe not, that padding looks pretty useful!

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